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How much will I be charged

■Points Consumption for Rendering
The Render Pool consumes points only for the actual rendering time.
Points are not consumed during network communication or server preparation time.

Therefore, even if the server is congested and you are waiting for rendering, you will not consume more points than usual.

Also, the points consumed for rendering will vary greatly depending on the project file you upload and the output settings you select.
We recommend that you test render only one frame first.

■Estimated Points Consumed.
After uploading your project file and before rendering begins, the estimated total cost will be displayed in points.
The estimated point consumption is a simple calculation based on [data size], [sampling value], [number of frames], etc., and the actual point consumption may vary depending on the contents of the rendering.
The actual point consumption may deviate from the estimated point consumption depending on the contents of rendering. The point consumption is calculated based on the actual rendering time.

■Points Purchase
Points must be purchased prior to rendering.
The expiration date of points varies depending on the plan: 180 days for point plans and 60 days for monthly plans.
The calculation will be made from the time of purchase.

Updated on: 17/01/2023

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